Reolink Donates to Aging in Place Program Driven by York City Police to Protect Seniors

Reolink Partners with York City Police Department

Reolink donates 180 cameras to York Police's Aging in Place program to help seniors feel safer at their homes.

Reolink, a global home security solution provider, donates 180 security cameras to York City Police Department (York, Pennsylvania) to support the Aging in Place program, which aims to help senior residents remain in their own homes as they grow older.

This donation jumps start the program with 145 wireless battery cameras Argus 3 (solar panels included) and 35 wired PoE IP cameras RLC-410 sent to the community. Seniors who have signed up and made requests in the program can get security cameras installed by the department.

With the versatile Reolink cameras and the user-friendly phone app, residents enjoy peace of mind by seeing what is going on outside their homes right on their mobile phones. Even better, seniors can use the two-way talk feature directly on the phone app to deter crimes instead of risking their lives to stop burglars or any other unwelcome visitors in person.

"There has actually been some criminal activities in the neighborhood here. My wife and I take advantage of all the opportunities we have to protect ourselves," said one of the residents who has received the camera. "I would like to thank Reolink, the York City Police, and especially my daughter, who tells me about this program."

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"When we heard the news our cameras had been used in the program, we contacted the department right away to see if there was anyway we can help. They told us that the demand for cameras increased quickly and hoped we could donate 180 cameras," says Nicole Cheung, Reolink's PR manager. "Reolink is willing to give back to the community and we agreed on the donation. We think this donation is a gift that keeps on giving."

In addition to this camera donation, Reolink plans to run a Reolink in Action program to partner with other non-profit organizations and make their security products available for those who are in need. To learn more about the campaign, visit

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