Reolink Introduces New Skins and Accessories for Reolink Argus

Reolink Argus Skins & Accessories

​Reolink unveils new skins and accessories (skins, outdoor security mounts, and wall mounts) for Reolink Argus, a truly wire-free weatherproof 1080p HD security camera. All Reolink Argus accessories are available for order now on Reolink's website and are estimated to ship out on Sept. 22, 2017.

New skins and accessories designed for Reolink Argus include Giraffe-Shaped Skin Suit, Skin Full Suit (white/black/camouflage) and Wall Mount (3-Pack), which debuted at IFA 2017 trade show in Berlin Germany, gaining a lot of eyeballs and attention both locally and globally.

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  • Reolink Argus Giraffe-Shaped Skin Suit

The  Reolink Argus Giraffe-Shaped Skin Suit comes with a giraffe character skin and a giraffe-neck-shaped twistable stick, enabling Reolink Argus to wrap or hang itself on a baby crib, fixtures, railings, branches, etc.

The Reolink Argus Giraffe-Shaped Skin Suit sports stylish and cute design with its matte yellow finish and nursery-friendly look, making it perfect for monitoring babies, young kids or pets. The giraffe character skin feels durable and premium, which comes together with the camera seamlessly, easy slip-on and slip-off.

  • Multicolored Reolink Argus Skin Full Suit

The Multicolored Reolink Argus Skin Full Suit (black, white and camouflage) screams quality and flexibility — rugged, water-resistant and replaceable, concealing Reolink Argus nicely from sight and blending Reolink Argus in with its surroundings easily, indoors or out.

Each of the silicone skins come with an outdoor security mount and a hook & loop strap — nice fixtures to allow wire-free Reolink Argus up at any possible location; windows, poles, pillars, tree trunk, stairs, warehouses, or construction sites, etc. while keeping it securely in place.

  • Reolink Argus Wall Mount (3-Pack)

Reolink Argus Wall Mount (3-Pack) gives Reolink Argus more flexibility to sit in your living room, window sill, backyard, office, store, apartment or any flat surfaces. The strong magnetic wall mount enables you to swivel freely and turn your Reolink Argus even upside down.

Pricing and Availability

All Reolink Argus accessories are available for order on Reolink website starting from $12.99 with estimated shipping on Sept. 22 and will soon be available on Amazon.

All Reolink Argus skins and accessories enjoy a lifetime warranty (see Warranty Policy).

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