Reolink Secures IP Cameras by Enabling Multi-Level Security Features

Reolink provides multi-level security features to keep video surveillance footage from prying eyes and ensure the security products are indeed secure. The major enabled security settings of Reolink IP cameras and systems are: SSL encryption, WPA2-AES encryption, and SSL-TLS enabled.

The purpose of a security camera system is to make home and business owners safer. Sadly, it doesn’t always work out like that. Security concerns of network video surveillance products have come to light one after another.

Hacking into a home surveillance system isn’t as hard as people thought. Security expert Robert Graham reported that it only took 98 seconds to hack an internet-connected camera. And a Russian website has revealed thousands of security cameras which have been hacked all over the world. Shocking!

Security vulnerabilities and critical security flaws of certain video surveillance products in the market are to blame for the video surveillance products suffering from hackers’ break-in and illegal use. The prying eyes behind those hacked security cameras are threatening and dangerous. Like a real-life version of Big Brother, strangers can watch people in their most private moments.

To prevent security cameras (systems) from being hacked and solve common security vulnerabilities, Reolink has enabled a series of elementary security settings and features in its best home security cameras, security systems and video baby monitor, including:

  • Support WPA2-AES encryption to secure users’ WiFi network.
  • Enable SSL encryption via HTTPS.
  • Enable SSL-ALS encryption.

To gain control of a surveillance camera locally, hackers will need to access the wireless network the camera is connected to. That’s why Reolink enables WPA2-AES encryption, the most secure WiFi security mode. WPA2-AES acts as an important deterrent to keep malicious attack at bay.

Reolink network video products also use SSL (HTTPS) to encrypt the video feed and surveillance footage. An SSL certificate ensures a secure browsing session with encryption. Thanks to SSL encryption, Reolink users never need to worry about their camera surveillance videos being intercepted by crackers or hackers.

What’s more, by enabling SSL/TLS protocols, Reolink provides data encryption and authentication when video feeds are sent across insecure networks.


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