Reolink to Launch New Trail Camera Brand KEEN With Cellular Camera Ranger PT

Reolink to Launch New Cellular Camera Brand KEEN

Reolink is ready to launch KEEN, its new cellular trail camera brand, with the first camera KEEN Ranger PT.

Reolink, a global smart home security solution provider, announced today that it will be launching a new cellular trail camera brand called KEEN that will produce a series of 4G game cameras, including the upcoming KEEN Ranger PT, for outdoor enthusiasts in the U.S., Europe, and the UK.

As an extension of the Reolink brand, KEEN is dedicated to building high-quality trail cameras designed for outdoor scenarios and activities. Get to know more about KEEN now:

Trail cameras bring convenience to farmers, hunters, campers, hikers, and wildlife conservation organizations to capture essential moments when they are away from outdoor scenes. Reolink has been producing 4G battery/solar-powered cameras for places where Wi-Fi and power may not reach. It says it wants to offer new and advanced cellular cameras that fit better in the wild, and KEEN will be Reolink's way to make this happen.

"Customers use our Go series cameras to check animals in pastures and wildlife in forests and bushes. And the need for upgraded features, such as unnoticeable infrared LEDs and camouflage design, is increasing," said Sharon Kwok, Reolink's product manager. "Based on Reolink's technology, we launched a dedicated brand KEEN and a series of new trail cameras."

Unlike traditional game camera brands, KEEN will release its first camera, KEEN Ranger PT, with pan and tilt, allowing users to get a 360° all-round view of the outdoor environment. Even better, this camera features a 4MP super HD resolution to capture everything in detail day and night.

KEEN the brand will be officially launched on June 28, and Ranger PT will be available for pre-order then. Customers can order a $2 coupon now and get $20 off when pre-ordering.

In addition, customers will get a chance to win $1,000 and more by referring KEEN to their families and friends. Get to know more and refer now to win.

For more information about KEEN and its trail camera KEEN Ranger PT, visit

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About KEEN

KEEN is a cellular trail camera brand made by Reolink. KEEN offers cutting-edge outdoor game cameras for outdoor enthusiasts. Greatly improve outdoor experience with easy-to-use cellular cameras.


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