Reolink's Latest Duo Floodlight Delivers a Panoramic View in 4K & Backed by Ultra-Bright Lights

Reolink Duo Floodlight Security Camera

Reolink adds Duo Floodlight to its dual-lens cam lineup for brighter home security.

Smart home security solution provider Reolink recently released Duo Floodlight, a 4K dual-lens camera with two floodlights, for brighter home and business security. This camera offers a 180° expansive view of everything that is happening around users' properties.

Both versions, Duo Floodlight PoE and Duo Floodlight WiFi, are now available in the US and Europe. A 10%-off discount is valid for all early access shoppers.

True 180° broad view in 4K, around the clock

The Duo Floodlight is designed as an addition to Reolink's advanced Duo series as the original cameras come with built-in spotlights only. For those looking for a solid security solution for dark corners around their properties, this camera is an ideal option.

Providing a 180° wide viewing angle, 4K ultra HD live view, and 1,800 lumens of brightness at 4200K, the Duo Floodlight can easily light up the night and allow users to see everything that is happening nearby day and night with great details.

In addition, users can customize the floodlight to stay on/off, turn on at the scheduled time frame, or shines bright when the camera detects a motion event.

Accurate alerts with on-board AI-assisted detection features

Same as other Reolink smart cameras, the Duo Floodlight camera features advanced human, vehicle, and pet(beta) detection. Support for preferred detection type, size, and zone settings makes it possible for users to tailor the notifications to only the important events they truly care about.

And this won't require a cloud or a monthly subscription. The smart detection algorithm is built into the camera, enabling the video footage to be processed locally on the edge. Homeowners will enjoy peace of mind without getting monthly bills or worrying about personal information leaks.

Nice-to-have features:

  • 180° wide viewing angle with dual lenses
  • 4K ultra HD resolution for clear images day and night
  • Two floodlights with 1,800 lumens of brightness
  • Smart person, vehicle, and pet(beta) detection
  • Customizable detection type, schedule, and zone
  • Integration with Google Assistant
  • Local and remote access via the Reolink software
  • Compatibility with Reolink NVRs
  • Easy setup and installation

Visit Reolink's official site to learn more about the Duo Floodlight camera and order now.

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